Saturday, October 30, 2010

fatima cat from council bluffs iowa

fatima is a fluffy black cat with a completely mellow and care free attitude. she roams free on this beautiful wooded backyard where many hoofed critters stroll. chasing fluff and fur at any moment-she is the queen of her hood. i want to point out that in this particular shot of her and kay's fancy feet. my inspiration comes from a fabulous photographer from the 50's era named i own a book of his dog portraits named 'dog dogs'. this style of photography with pets or pets feet and human feet is not new but i adore the look of it and am influenced by this classic retro style. there are many photographers out there that use this style to incorporate into their look and i your humble dog photog am one of them-i would not call this copying at all, i simply love the idea of a photo from the pets perspective-this is my take on it and would never claim i invented it ever! so i would like to credit to mr. elliott erwitt who started it all.

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