Thursday, July 1, 2010

snow in july

yes, it's chilly snow images of me and the fam on the first day of july. i think these are pretty great portraits of mom, leia and your humble photog. i'm posting the rolf the cat and leia shot again simply because it works well in this little collection of oslo winter portraits. and i love it the most. the lighting conditions are perfect-overcast and very pleasing. iso 200, 1/250, f2.8 and fl=14mm(except the portrait of leia and rolf-54mm and f3.5)for some decent bokeh and creates an awesome portrait shot. a longer lens would be ideal-but this has the impact i was going for. the location of the images are at my childhood home in oslo, norway. it's calm and honestly you don't hear much of anything except the occasional magpie and finch chillin-serine and beautiful.

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