Thursday, June 24, 2010

peony park

remember those hot sticky summer days in omaha when the feeling of school being out and you can stay up late to play kick the can in the neighborhood (til past 10 at least) and then maybe you were lucky to take a friday night with your best buds and pile in mom and dad's station wagon to take a trip to peony park? the smells. the sights. the sounds of the ticking and clacking of the galaxy roller coaster ride! sweeet! well this image unfortunately represents the demise of that wonderful childhood experience. it's a postcard from the day of the auction and i had it laying around for years. so i loved peony park. i miss peony park. i wish leia could've experienced peony park. i chose to let go of this so someone else could treasure it in their own sort of way. sold it on ebay for $36 bucks. the pocket change is nice. but it's certainly a nicer feeling to know someone will cherish it forever.

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