Monday, May 31, 2010

modern look for a memorial day

on this sad day to reflect on those who have sacraficed for us-i just love the freedom we have in the us of a. i need remind myself every day never to take living free for granted. it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a stressfull spoilt american life. so i bring you images of some of mans best friend. this is the ultimate stress reliever. just look at those furry faces. simple, uncluttered, calm and classic looks. this is the style i strive for. these images were shot in raw format just because i think it would be a smart idea in the future to adopt. i know the files are huge (10mb) sometimes but i refuse to lose any data. once the are imported they need to be instantly copied to my hd AND a dvd. btw, raw images are converted to jpg if you drag and drop to the hd or desktop. so i MUST copy to dvd. these sre space hoggers let me tell you. but i am sooo happy with the results. i slow down and take better quality images. and i am real aggressive with deleting the crap shots. only the best. shot with the 40-150mm-he is a slow lens-ickk! but fantastic results! the colors are vivid. take kenobi the dooofusss for example. iso at 800 on furbz and kenobz. focal length 150mm. f5.6 and 1/400 (kenobi) 1/250 (furby). the catchlight in their eye is there! that's what we loooove. home of the free, because of the brave baby.

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