Thursday, May 13, 2010

konge slottet

the only time in our lives we've ever witnessed the changing of the guard! and yes the king and queen of norway do live inside here. this is their home sweet home. as you can see leia got a kick out of this. it was a bitter cold day but well worth it. mom, leia and i had a royal good time. iso 200, f5.6 (except for the wide castle image-that one ought to have been at f22, but dumbass me set it to f8, those tourists spoiled it anyway.) 1/60. i think by converting the image to black and white in the end, overlooking karl johans gate it set a sort of mood of bitter coldness and gloom for leia-she was a grump of a teen and ready to move on to the only thing on her mind-shopping. gagamomo looks surprised-but she knows better.

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