Saturday, April 24, 2010

crow door denmark

here is a good example of what i am trying to achieve in the lengthy world of post processing. keep in mind most of my editing is done in iphoto. which is not the most pro software in the world but the results can be great if you are careful not to over do it. i am striving to master as little as possible such as levels and exposure and sharpening. this can be time consuming and i am almost able to automate soon. i also hear ps elements can do a mighty fine job too. i do own cs3 on a pc but who in their right mind would ever get anything done properly on a pc? so i avoid that area like the plague. pse8 will be my next purchase. extremely affordable and gets the job done. in these images i like how you create the creamy dreamy wow affect. i think it's pretty darn close. iso 200, f4,1/80. from flat to PHAT! i'm quite satisfied with the results!

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