Saturday, January 9, 2010

ikea fun

ikea is one of the retail stores i love to check out every year for new ideas and inspirations. in this case, we all went to visit it in phoenix on a monday night. nobody around and when we arrived, i was feeling the sickness coming on real bad and knew that if i had some of their tastey swedish dinners, i would feel just a wee bit better if only for a minute. but nooo, they had to close by 6pm!!! i was frigggin upset,but kept my cool. it's beyond my control. so the images were taken with my mom's happysnap canon in low light conditions. if i were in a better mood i would've gone nuts and taken a gob of different shots. i love ikea. tons of fantastic designs and inventions. we were in and out and i bought a blankie and leia got some sweet string star lights. with this camera though, it was shot at f2.8, but not fast enough-as you can tell by the blurryness. it captured the happy mood of leia and her dear friend though. oh, got some skorpers to munch on. mmmm goodness. i think.

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