Friday, October 9, 2009

Zoe and Lily

Introducing 2 lovely pups who are just a burst of snowball energy. Zoe is the big mamma and Lily is the brand new member of my dear friend Kim. She was so kind to let me spend some time to test out on her doggies. This first image is how many shots became, a big white BLUR! So, It's a matter of more LIGHT! Now,this was somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that they are both white and FAST. My trusty kit lens does an okay job but I struggle with the speed factor and the fact that that it HUNTS like crazy for light! I need to double the amount of light and speed up the shutter. It was also tricky to get them together in a shot. Patience, patience,patience. My fave shot is the one where Lily is resting on Kim's shoulder. Precious! Anyway, these pals are truly adorable and I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks Kim! Fanny packs RULE!

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