Saturday, August 29, 2009

Noses and Paws Part II

So I was relaxing in my backyard on fine evening and knew the lighting was just right so Furbz and Kenobz became my subject again. Focusing on the nose and paws and attempting to create some bokah. It's tricky and I think I accomplished it somewhat. I NEED to upgrade sooooon. My lens is soooo slow. But the images make up for it. I know they're good, but they can be better. I can't decide if I want the crazy fast 14-54mm 2.8, the 25mm 2.8 pancake prime or the super duper even more crazy fast and sharp 12-60mm 2.8. (He is the most heap of cash ever) Could be smart to invest in it. I dwell on this alot. Am doing a ton of research. I know I will make the right decision soon. Patience is a virtue.

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