Sunday, August 16, 2020

August (Doggust) month is for the dogs!

Paul the Pyrenees mountain puppy  

Hello. It’s Doggust 16 and over half way through this month of dogs! I’m taking on the create/draw one dog per day for this month on instagram challenge. That means 31 dogs total. Every day is a new dog prompt and I’m following it to some degree. Most people follow this and I’m bending it a bit with adding some different dogs that are not included in the list. Although all the dogs-and they are mostly wackadoodle looking dogs-I plan to draw with some spilling over into September. Oh well. Supposed to have fun with art and not be serious. The dog illustrations above are some faves using different mediums-acrylics, oil pastels, watercolors and ink. I can’t pick a favorite yet but I will say that some of these are created within a half hour or less and some took as much as three hours to complete. I don’t want to fuss too much over them and just draw loose and lovely. Creating every day is very freeing and therapeutic. Most of the dogs are from an original pet portrait session I’ve taken in the past but others I’ve borrowed reference photos from Pinterest. Also the process of learning dog anatomy is key. Dog bodies and fur are silly as much as they are beautiful. Like I said the dog breeds in this Doggust 2020 dog prompt are all pure breeds that look kinda funny. Love them all but, is it ok to admit that I’m more of a mutt-mongrel-mix kind of a person?

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