Monday, November 8, 2010

november kids at roanoake park omaha, ne.

i spent a fine afternoon with a coworker and her beautiful family. the kids were super behaved and put up with me for about and an hour of shooting at omaha's roanoake park/pool. it was kinda tricky to get them all together for group shots and the black and white family portrait was actually taken first-something to make a note of because the excitement starts at the beginning and the moods are peppy and cheery-kids tend to get board quickly and although it doesn't show, they did wind down and get sick of it after an hour. i can tell you that this was a perfect november day to shoot some truly photogenic kids(mom too!). this park is ideal for any future portraits of kids and pets. i don't mind the stray hairs in the face or the slobbery baby faces-it's true and genuine and using available natural light is the ultimate in bringing out perfect skin tones. my fave baby shot is the slobbery face being tenderly wiped down by mommy while gripping him with the other hand-creating a perfect balance-it's what moms do!

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