Sunday, October 24, 2010

pooka and leia backyard portrait

when leia was 3, her auntie lucy chapman presented us with a precious 5 week old black kitten. he was so tiny that he managed to slip into her dad's shirt pocket and surprise little leia-the name spooky was obvious-we always wanted a black cat cause of our favorite holiday halloween. all these years have been a special connection that leia and spooky have developed. he will be 13 next april and he seems to never age! capturing the strong bond that these two have for each other was what i was looking for-leia is his mama. she was so cooperative and managed to wrangle spooky very well. he's an indoor cat and making him feel calm and relaxed is rather tricky when you NEVER visit the outdoors for an exploration. plus focusing on a black cat for tack sharp images is maddening! but, it IS possible and i am quite pleased with the results!

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